Friday, December 02, 2005


Wey-all, here I am, Cat-blogging on Friday. I've wanted to do this for some time ... to write, that is. My human is an animal communicator, so I've got an outlet to write through her fingers, since my toes don't stretch far enough to reach all the keys. I heard about this Cat-blogging on Fridays thing, and decided that I'd be a writer this way, by asking her to help me start my own blog. Here, I can write all I want, and.....

What? What's that you say? Cat-blogging isn't cats writing in their blogs? It's people writing about their cats?

Wow. Bummer.

Oh, well. Being Siamese, and a tortie point at that, I've always been a bit different. I'll take Cat-blogging in my own direction: Siamee-uz, If You Pree-uz!

I am Pree. My full name, I'm told, is Potpourri, named after my mother Sachet, though I don't use the whole thing. I'm just Pree to most people, and most people know Pree. I've had a story about me published in an international magazine, Species Link, so I'm actually famous, though that's not all that important to me. I do think it's kind of cool that people will read my thoughts in this blog, though. I had originally wanted to write a novel, but neither Mom nor I have been able to find the time. This Cat-blog will have to do.

I'm also not sure if I'll stick to only writing on Fridays. I might ask Mom to type for me more often than that. I'd like to share things from a Cats-Eye View, for humans to read, and maybe even for humans to read to their cats.

If any cats out there have questions for me, or need advice, I'm fourteen years old and very wise, and may be able to help you. Feel free to leave a comment or email me and I'll respond to you here in my blog.

My Cat-blog of a Different Color. Tortie-Point.


Phoener said...

Pree dear,

Only one blog entry? Luv, please continue!

Your mom's friend,

Gayze said...

There are more, Auntie Phoener,

Thank you!