Wednesday, January 09, 2008

With Immense Sorrow....

I bring our friends this heartbreaking news.

This morning, my darling Pree was helped across the Rainbow Bridge by the caring hands of Dr Joseph Dreels. For some time now, Pree has been battling what we all thought was Inflammatory Bowel Disease that we could not totally get under control. This morning, however, severe complications occurred that send us rushing to our vet in an emergency.

Pree could not be saved, and I made the heart-breaking decision to let her go.

After she had passed, a thorough palpation of her abdomen revealed a large mass that was not there at our last visit, only a couple of months ago. Pree had not, it seems, been the victim of IBD, but of a fast growing intestinal cancer.

Our hearts are broken, doubly broken, because yesterday morning we lost our beloved Saluki, Pascha, after a brief but difficult battle with kidney failure.

Two days in a row, two precious family members have left their bodies.

Please think kind thoughts for our family.