Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Recent Photo

Another recent picture of me, taken in mid-November.
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A Long Time

It's been a long time since we've posted, and when Mom was looking through her blogs, and asked me if I'd like to write with her this evening, I thought it would be a good idea.

I've been pretty sick. Right now, I'm feeling a lot better. Mom has changed to a different food. She used to make all our food, but lately I've been ill, and my mother Sachet had a bout with infection, too. When the doctor suggested putting us on a complete cat food, Mom thought it would be a good idea to try it. We're eating Merrick now, and it's very tasty ... I eat mine right up, even though I'm a slower eater than my mother and brother are. It's very good and it seems to be helping my tummy, and I'm gaining a little weight again. I'd gotten pretty skinny.

Mom says the vet calls what I have "IBD" ... I don't really like to talk about what it does to me, it's kind of personal, but it really made me feel very sick. It's been a long time that I've been battling with it.

I do like to go see the vet, though. I know Mom says that most cats don't like going to vets ... I can't figure out why, though. I call them my Fan Club ... they all love me there, and I climb onto shoulders and purr for everyone, and I hop on the table when called, and the other day even turned my behind to the doctor when she needed to take my temperature, and told her "go ahead". It's not very comfortable, but it is a lot easier to just get it over with.

The vet looked at Mom and said, "This is not a cat." Mom replied, "This is Pree!"

There was another doctor one time, not Doctor Diane, and he was a very nice man. I climbed on his shoulder and purred in his ear, and he said that he wished his own cats had such nice personalities.

Everyone at the doctor's office thinks I'm wonderful. I know they have to do uncomfortable stuff to me sometimes, but you have to forgive people who love you so much. They all always want to pet and hold me, and the girl who puts me on the scale always tells me what a beautiful tail I have.

It's so nice to be feeling better, and to have an appetite and really be enjoying my food. I know I'm not completely well yet ... I know this because some of those things I don't like to talk about are still happening, just not as bad as before. I know I'm sixteen, and for the first time, over the last several months, I realized that, for a kitty, sixteen might actually mean "old". I love my life, and my home, and my Fans, though ... and I'm glad to be feeling better, because I want to stay around for a while.

Another sixteen years would be nice, don't you think?
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