Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reminder of our new location on gazehound.com

I'm just posting here for those who might not have found their way to the new location of my various blogs, my own Gazehound.com website.

We've begun to run "Challenge Games" every month! Test your intuitive skills, and play along with our fun and easy games each month. Our current intuitive skills challenge game is called "Who Am I?"

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We're on www.gazehound.com now!

Don't Forget!

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The new, fun feature of gazehound.com are Challenge Games ... simple and quick games to help you hone your intuitive/psychic skills. Come play!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

We've Moved Home

Feel free to stop in here at any time, browse the archives, enjoy old posts.

However, all new updates will now be posted to

Pree-am-Siamese's New Home
On Gazehound.com

I've been doing a major overhaul of the website, and am moving the various assorted blogs under one roof.

Click the link above to go right to the blog/archives pages, and click the title of any post to read that post.

Enjoy, leave comments, and have fun exploring the site.

If you encounter any problems, drop me an email and let me know.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Only a Body

I keep telling Mom that there is no reason we can't talk, and write, just because I'm on the other side. Mom talks to crossed-over animals all the time. It's one of the things she is best at, in fact -- she's helped a lot of humans adjust to the fact that their animal friends have left their bodies and entered spirit.

Why can't she help herself?

Mom knows I love her just as much as always. And now my cat mother, Sachet, is here with me, as well. I think that might be part of why the hurt seems to have gotten bigger instead of easier to deal with. Mom keeps saying that she "lost" Sachet in January and Mavvy the bunny (who's here and as snippy as ever) in March -- but they're not lost.

Mom's the one who is lost.

My mom has been crying a lot lately. She got hurt in the fall, and still isn't completely better, and it changed a lot of things in her life. And then when Sachet got so sick and had to be cared for, with Mom in a wheelchair, it was really hard. Life has completely changed since such bad things happened to her leg. I think that is part of why she cries. She always calls out to me, and to our dogs and my mother, and to her mother, and even to the bunny, when she cries. Not out loud, in her heart.

Yesterday she was really scared that she was going to "lose" Kai, too, when he ate a bunch of chocolate. He is fine, it wasn't his time to leave, he promised that he'd keep this body for a long lifetime, and he intends to keep that promise. But Mom was scared and blamed herself because she should have known. But she didn't even know Devon had put him in the room, and Devon didn't know Dad had hidden chocolate in the closet and Dad didn't know Kai was capable of getting into the spot where it was hidden.

It really was no one's fault. Well, except for the dog, who knows he's not supposed to steal stuff.

He's fine. We helped keep him fine, and we were trying to keep Mom strong, though she really fell apart for a while there. Mom's not as strong as she used to be. She said that thing about "that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger" not long ago, but it doesn't seem to be working that way.

But we can help. It'll be alright.

And the dog's okay.

Loved ones in spirit are always around, or at least aware of when they're needed. When Mom calls for me, I hear her, and so do the rest of our family here on this side of the veil. We have our own things we need to do, lessons to learn, adventures to enjoy ... but we're never too far away to feel when someone's heart reaches for us. We can help, though not in the same way we did when in our bodies. We can heal, for all is energy, and it's as easy to move energy from this side as from that side. Maybe easier, although it's still up to the person on the other end to be open to receiving.

And that is the hard part. The person on the other end. Sometimes the hurt is just so big that it blocks them from feeling us close. I wish Mom would feel us more often, and let her hurt stop throwing up walls.

I've wanted to write for a long time. It's been well over a year since I died, and I haven't written anything since. I don't know why Mom thinks her fingers won't work just as well as they did when I was alive, or why she thinks she won't hear me as well. We used to talk all the time.

Well, I'm still talking.

It's time for Mom to start listening again.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

With Immense Sorrow....

I bring our friends this heartbreaking news.

This morning, my darling Pree was helped across the Rainbow Bridge by the caring hands of Dr Joseph Dreels. For some time now, Pree has been battling what we all thought was Inflammatory Bowel Disease that we could not totally get under control. This morning, however, severe complications occurred that send us rushing to our vet in an emergency.

Pree could not be saved, and I made the heart-breaking decision to let her go.

After she had passed, a thorough palpation of her abdomen revealed a large mass that was not there at our last visit, only a couple of months ago. Pree had not, it seems, been the victim of IBD, but of a fast growing intestinal cancer.

Our hearts are broken, doubly broken, because yesterday morning we lost our beloved Saluki, Pascha, after a brief but difficult battle with kidney failure.

Two days in a row, two precious family members have left their bodies.

Please think kind thoughts for our family.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Recent Photo

Another recent picture of me, taken in mid-November.
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A Long Time

It's been a long time since we've posted, and when Mom was looking through her blogs, and asked me if I'd like to write with her this evening, I thought it would be a good idea.

I've been pretty sick. Right now, I'm feeling a lot better. Mom has changed to a different food. She used to make all our food, but lately I've been ill, and my mother Sachet had a bout with infection, too. When the doctor suggested putting us on a complete cat food, Mom thought it would be a good idea to try it. We're eating Merrick now, and it's very tasty ... I eat mine right up, even though I'm a slower eater than my mother and brother are. It's very good and it seems to be helping my tummy, and I'm gaining a little weight again. I'd gotten pretty skinny.

Mom says the vet calls what I have "IBD" ... I don't really like to talk about what it does to me, it's kind of personal, but it really made me feel very sick. It's been a long time that I've been battling with it.

I do like to go see the vet, though. I know Mom says that most cats don't like going to vets ... I can't figure out why, though. I call them my Fan Club ... they all love me there, and I climb onto shoulders and purr for everyone, and I hop on the table when called, and the other day even turned my behind to the doctor when she needed to take my temperature, and told her "go ahead". It's not very comfortable, but it is a lot easier to just get it over with.

The vet looked at Mom and said, "This is not a cat." Mom replied, "This is Pree!"

There was another doctor one time, not Doctor Diane, and he was a very nice man. I climbed on his shoulder and purred in his ear, and he said that he wished his own cats had such nice personalities.

Everyone at the doctor's office thinks I'm wonderful. I know they have to do uncomfortable stuff to me sometimes, but you have to forgive people who love you so much. They all always want to pet and hold me, and the girl who puts me on the scale always tells me what a beautiful tail I have.

It's so nice to be feeling better, and to have an appetite and really be enjoying my food. I know I'm not completely well yet ... I know this because some of those things I don't like to talk about are still happening, just not as bad as before. I know I'm sixteen, and for the first time, over the last several months, I realized that, for a kitty, sixteen might actually mean "old". I love my life, and my home, and my Fans, though ... and I'm glad to be feeling better, because I want to stay around for a while.

Another sixteen years would be nice, don't you think?
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


May Newsletter, 2006

There was very little hesitation when I asked Pree what she liked to share on this month, and her response surprised me.

"Old age", she said.

I have to say that startled me, because although Pree will be fifteen in July and her mother Sachet turns sixteen on June first, neither of them are "old" to me. They are lively, playful, and look much younger than their years. When they go to visit their doctor, everyone always marvels at the birthdate listed on the chart. So her response was unexpected!

Pree said that was precisely what she wanted to say, that the adage "you're as young as you feel" does have some truth to it. She also wanted me to know that, unlike many humans, she does not look at growing old as a "problem". Most animals have no serious concerns about the aging process, and see it as part of life, just another aspect of the cycle of progression, and even something to celebrate. Although she herself has no aches, pains or symptoms yet, she tells me that when she does, she'll see them as a badge of honor rather than a serious cause for concern, and she knows that she has trusted humans who will help to relieve any discomfort for her, and keep her healthy and content for as long as it's the right thing to do.

She also wants us to know that our animal friends don't think about "growing old" ... and that it sometimes surprises them to know that their humans are counting calendar years, often waiting for "signs of age" to set in. Although she understands, to some extent, the human fascination with time, she says that animals only think about years and time in light of how their humans are perceiving the issue. If they didn't have human-people to care for, most animals wouldn't even be aware when a birthday had passed. It's only an issue because it makes their humans happy to sing Happy Birthday once a year.

Well, except for the birthday treats. Those are pretty good.

When I ask Pree why she chose this particular topic, she reminded me that the other day I was carrying both her and Sachet around talking to them about how wonderful they look "for their age". She teasingly said I could have dropped the "for your age" part ... she looks wonderful, period!

And she's right, of course.