Thursday, December 08, 2005


First, I want to say that I've been trying for two days to get Mom to type this for me, but she was only home for a short while yesterday and last night was too busy.

I've always wanted to go to school. I have two kids. Well, I have more than two kids, actually, but two human kids, who have been my kids since they were very little. One was still a baby when I was born. So, I've watched them grow up and I was here when both of them started going away every day on the big yellow. The big yellow would come and get them in the morning, and it would bring them home in the afternoons, and Mom would tell me that the kids were in school. Ever since the oldest one started to do that, I've wanted to go, too. I'll stand on the surfaces near the front door and talk and complain, telling everyone that I want to go, too, and no one ever lets me. I don't know what is at school, but it must be good, or why would the kids want to go every single day? Now the big kid gets driven to her school by Mom in the car, but the boy still goes on the big yellow.

Mom tells me that cats don't go to that kind of school, but I don't really understand why. She says the kids go there to learn, and I like to learn. I even enjoy learning things that Mom says a lot of cats aren't into ... like doing tricks. Or writing blogs. She also tells me that if I were to go to school, the kids wouldn't be able to carry me around all day, and the hallways are too crowded and noisy for a cat to walk safely. I might get scared ... or lost. I've done scared and lost before, and that is no fun. And there are no litter boxes.

I still would like to go: just once, to see what is there, and what kids learn. The kids say they have lunch there, too, and I know I like lunch. I would find a way around the litter box thing ... though maybe Mom is right about crowded, noisy halls. I'm willing to take that chance, though. For fourteen years I've been watching my kids get on the big yellow and go off to school.

The curiosity is killing me!

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